Visit to Marriott Newport Coast Villas during Christmas week 2009

We stayed at Marriott Newport Coast Villas in Southern California during Christmas week in 2009. Thanks Sean for reserving the unit for us. I highly recommend Sean as he is excellent in finding accommodations at all popular destinations. Feel free to send him an email with your request and he won't disappoint you!

The stay at this resort was awesome! Resort has numerous activities, through out the day for toddlers, teens and adults. Some of the activities are meant for families,  and participants were having a great time. Some of the activities included Tie-dye T-shirt creation, Basketball hoop challenge, power walk, tailgating, movie time, etc.

Complimentary shuttle services to Crystal Cove beach/park, Fashion Island Mall, and Laguna Beach also added to the fun. The check-in process was very very easy. The staff was exceptional!

Free WiFi internet in the resort added fun to our stay. I connected my blackberry to the WiFi and was able to call for free using the UMA technology available on my phone.

On Monday morning, the resort has a "meet and greet" where coffee and donuts were served. Representatives from local businesses providing activities to the vacationers were present to get you started.